Replica damascened gold, silver and gems

Digital Restoration

This restoration replica is exhibited at Tenryo Hita museum in Hita city.
The disk is made of same iron by the report of Tokyo national museum, and traditional Higo Zogan craftsman
damascened the design to use gold, silver, jade, turquoise, quartz and ruby.

Treasury archaeological area, Hita

In ancient days, Hita area was called Himuka (it means look the sun), and their religion was Sun-worshiper.

Ozako tsujibaru iseki (archaeological site)  includes the most oldest site of powerful clan's house in Japan and sanctuary.
The excavations from Fukiage iseki (caved tombs area) are earthen vessels, stone implements, bronze swords, iron swords, religious items, shellwork accessories and Magatama made of jade.

And the ancient buckle with gold "Kinsaku tetsu taikou" is straged in Kyushu national museum now.
The gold vortex design is very beautiful and shining. (It will be exhibited at Kyushu national museum with the mirror on this autumn)

Photo of the buckle "Kinsaku tetsu taikou"

Tenryo Hita Museum

Restoration replica of the mirror is exhibited

Hours : 9:00`17:00 , Closed : Wednesdays
Year-end holidays (Dec. 29th - Jan. 3rd)
Admissions : Adults: 310yen, Students: 210yen

Address : 11-7 Mameda machi Hita city Ooita
Phone : 0973-24-6517

Caution! Hita city museum has no historical exhibit. It's a museum of nature and science